Installation Companies

Get short-notice projects up and running quickly with Vism. It makes finding and hiring available freelance installers far faster and removes repetitive admin tasks which drain time and resource.

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How Does Vism Benefit Installation Companies?

Discover how Vism can remove the most common workflow pain points...

Allocating Short-Notice Work

When you’re trying to allocate work for short-notice jobs, there’s no time to send out dozens of texts, emails and messages. Vism can send out multiple job alerts instantly and gives you a list of available freelancers to choose from.

Update Clients Quickly

When clients ask for a job status update, all you need to do is check your project in Vism. Its real-time status updates and proof of sign-off removes the need to chase installers for information.

Maintaining an Audit Trail

Vism stores project files, job updates and documentation for you, automatically updating itself at every stage, making it simple to find exactly what you need, wherever you are.

Send Job Invites

Vism stores freelance installer contact details for you—just select who you’d like to hire then send multiple job invites. You’ll get instant acceptance notifications and can assign your chosen installers.

Spreadsheet Upload

Create jobs in bulk using the CSV upload function. Upload a spreadsheet of client sites and Vism will turn them into jobs for you.


Centralised Document Storage
Vism acts as your digital filing cabinet, address book and project planner. Automatic job status updates, stored documentation and contact details are all logged and ordered for you, accessible to the relevant parties, wherever they are.

Make Your Work Flow

Rather than hopping between different communication methods and juggling several large spreadsheets, try bringing Vism into your work practices.

Project managers and installation managers can bulk upload CSV spreadsheets of client sites into the app and instantly create hundreds of jobs in seconds.

They can select from an address book of freelance installers and send out job notifications, which can be received on the Vism smartphone app. Freelance installers use the app to update the status of their project and get final sign off, all of which is stored and logged on Vism, automatically.

This saves hours of calling, emailing, data entry and filing, leaving you free to increase capacity.

  • Micheal green
    Managing installations across multiple jobs and multiple projects is a headache for any business that does what we do, and we do an awful lot of installations. Anything that simplifies that and makes it more accountable is a win for us
    Michael Green
    Director, Macroart