Wahooti is a printing and project management specialist with a team of ten, a wide range of clients across sectors, and an annual turnover of £3m. Around the start of the year, they implemented Vism to help solve some of the issues they were having with their current workflow systems, and they said that it has ‘transformed’ their installation process; customer and installer relationships have begun to be managed much more effectively, and the team’s communications are faster and more accurate than ever.

Wahooti was founded by father and son Nick and Julian Manuel. Nick, at the time, was a print buyer in an ad agency, and Julian worked for a large-format printer. Seeing an opportunity to work together, they took the leap and created their company in 2015. They looked to create a company that would be able to provide start-to-finish services for print projects, with a large team of outsourced suppliers.

Until recently, Wahooti were reliant upon Google Calendar, WhatsApp, and Word Documents to send and receive information, give signoff, update installers, and keep the client informed of all of the ins and outs of the project.

‘This was extremely limited in terms of sharing information with multiple installers to see who was most suitable and available for the job and also gave us a real headache when it came to knowing that the customer had signed off the project and if they were happy.’

Wahooti looked to streamline their current process and stumbled upon Vism through their social media. Upon researching the product, they felt that it provided a solution to some of the current limitations that they were working against.

‘Vism’s strength is that it is very much designed for our industry and this is apparent as soon as you see it.’

It took no time at all to integrate Vism into the company’s core processes, and the entire installer network was set up ‘within minutes’.

‘The biggest selling point to us was that Vism allows us to hold all the information relevant to each of our projects in a central place that could be communicated to multiple installers in one go. From there we can see who is available and select an installer there and then. Previously this would have taken many emails back and forth and always created the potential to double book or provide misinformation. The installer then has all the information they need directly sent to their smartphone, including location and special information. We can also fire through any changes and their instructions are updated immediately. This simple improvement to our operations has saved us at least two days per month, which has a hugely positive impact on our bottom-line profitability.’